• Obamacare

    "I am opposed to health care based on a person’s income, since this indicates that those making less money will be given a lower level of care. If we are going to have universal health care, then we should all receive the same treatment. I think they should also strike the individual mandate, the computerization of all medical records, and microchipping by 2017 which is the Mark of the Beast. This is unacceptable for a Christian nation."

  • Gay marriage

    "Marriage is between a man and a woman, so I can’t condone this sin. God’s laws 2000+ years ago trump man’s laws 200+ years ago. Gay/bisexual people represent less than 2.5% of the population, and we should not be passing laws that favor a small minority. The passage of too many laws in restricting the freedoms that we all enjoy as a whole."

  • Surveillance

    "We need to put an end to the surveillance of all Americans who have cell phones, which is a clear violation of everyone’s right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment. Drone targeting should be eliminated entirely since people are innocent until proven guilty in our country. We are a nation founded on Christian principles, and Jesus said to “love your neighbor as yourself,” so starting wars and killing people is not loving your neighbor. I think this is outrageous government conduct and the height of arrogance!"

  • Immigration

    "I believe that those who are already here illegally but have been law abiding and hardworking for five years should be allowed to stay along with their immediate families. The rest who are here illegally should be deported."

  • Abortion

    "When the sperm and the egg unite, I believe it is God’s will that a child should be born. What God has joined together, let no one put asunder! Adoption is the answer if a woman is unwilling or unable to care for her unborn child. I would like to ask anyone considering an abortion this question: Do you want to suffer for nine months while carrying your child or for the next 20 years over the guilt you will feel for taking your child’s life? That’s a no-brainer."

  • Population control

    "Most career politicians belong to secret societies that believe in population reduction, such as Agenda 21. This is a UN directive passed during President George H.W. Bush’s presidency and carried out by Presidents Clinton, Bush Jr. and now Obama. Wars, abortion, tainted food and medicine, disease, weather interference, drone targeting are all discreet methods used to reduce our population. Again, we are a nation founded on Christian principles, and starting wars and killing people is not "loving our neighbor." Agenda 21 goes against the Declaration of Independence which states that we all have certain inalienable rights, the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” There is only one God and He should decide who lives and who dies - not career politicians. We need to vote them out, as well as Agenda 21, in the state of Oklahoma."

  • Income inequality

    "My "Get Out of Debt Plan" is a step toward trying to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. If a poor/middle class person will agree to improve their life for one year (stop drinking, drugs, smoking, gambling, etc. – whatever their struggle may be), then a rich person agrees to pay off their debt up to a certain amount. So that I truly represent the 86-99%, I plan to take a poll of voters in OK before any bill to ensure that I vote the way the majority of Oklahomans want me to. I cannot and will not be bought by any lobbyist or special interest group."


  • As a United States Senator, Joan wants to perform “CPR” on our country:

    C - Challenge Congress to give government back to the people

    As an example, the War Powers Act should be revised so that the President, Congress AND THE PEOPLE decide if we ever go to war again. Joan is against wars being started for fraudulent reasons. Do we want our children to continue to grow up and be killed in needless wars started by arrogant men with $2 haircuts? NO! She would also like to overhaul our legal system by implementing a “justice” amendment so that people are fairly treated. The fear of litigation has paralyzed our country for years and this is a solution that can put an end to this. Joan also wants to poll Oklahomans before voting on any bill. As an Independent candidate, she will have the freedom to vote according to what the majority of Oklahomans want, not the way a party tells her. TRUTH is the new politics, and she cannot and will not be bought.

  • P - Protect and maintain quality of life for families and children

    Joan would like to eliminate all unnecessary surveillance and the targeting of innocent Americans which clearly violates our 4th Amendment right to privacy. Senator Inhofe did not stand with Senator Rand Paul when he filibustered for 13 hours to end the drone targeting of innocent Americans on American soil. We need a Constitutional amendment so that there is always a man and a woman as president and vice-president with equal say. Joan would also like to Pass a No Child Left Alone Act so that work schedules can be adjusted to allow at least one parent to be at home when their children go to school and one parent is there when they come home every day.

  • R - Reduce our debt

    Joan would like to condense our 16 National Security agencies down to four and eliminate the drone program which is costing millions. The main problem she sees is that the majority of people in America want to serve God but the govt serves money. But you can’t serve God and money, you can’t have two masters [Luke 16:13]. In order to help people with personal debt, she would like to implement a “Get Out of Debt Plan” that will help bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. If a person in debt is willing to improve their life for a year (stop drinking, smoking, doing drugs, gambling, overeating, etc.), then a wealthy person would agree to pay off their debt up to a certain amount. This program would give people hope, which is what we desperately need in today’s society.