“We need more women, more Christians and more regular people in office.”
“Why do we want our children to continue to grow up and get killed in needless wars started by arrogant men with $2 haircuts?”
“We need a Constitutional amendment so that there will always be a man and a woman as president and vice-president, with equal say.”
“We need a ‘Zero Tolerance on Arrogance’ law. Don’t we teach our kids in school not to bully?”
“I want to take a poll before voting on a bill so that I can vote the way the majority of Oklahomans want me to, not the way a party tells me to.”
“I stand with Rand – let’s stop the drone targeting of innocent Americans on American soil.”
“The common ground for all of us is The Golden Rule: Treat others like you would want to be treated. Love your neighbor as yourself."
  • NOT a Lawyer

    More lawyers is the last thing we need in Congress! Did you know that the original 13th Amendment stated that no lawyer would hold public office? It was the original intent of our Founding Fathers that regular people should be elected officials to Congress. Joan has never been a lawyer, but she has had 38+ years of experience, education and observation of our legal system. After being denied legal representation for the past 14 years, what an education she has received! In her non-profit work since 2003, she helped take eight pro se lawsuits up to the United States Supreme Court. She continues to fight against arrogance, oppression and retaliation by career politicians in both parties.

  • NOT Wealthy

    Joan is running as an Independent since Republicans favor the 1% who are wealthy, Democrats favor the 13% who are liberal, and the 86 - 99% who are Christians/poor/middle class are not truly represented in Congress. As a business consultant, her average earned income for the past three years was $33,000. She has always paid her taxes, on time, and even her parking tickets. Joan is fiscally responsible and helped her family get out of $310,000 debt within 14 months back in 2005. With almost no debt since then, she has been helping homeless and disabled young people for three years to get a start in life. Joan used her own money from an IRA to begin her campaign, but it is running out. So please donate today!

  • NOT a Career Politician

    Politics is the last path Joan thought she would ever take. But God seems to have led her down this road. When she saw the issues brought on by the No Child Left Behind Act in our school system, she ran for the BOE in Kansas in 2005. When she saw career politician Sam Brownback running for governor and no one opposing him in 2010, she decided to run for KS governor. She used her own money back then, because she felt so strongly about the direction our country was heading. As an Independent, she will be able to vote in the best interests of the people. Oklahoma currently has seven members of Congress who are all men. We need a woman who will listen and act, put children and families first and help keep needless wars from starting that kill and injure our loved ones.